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We have had the privilege donating transportation to some really cool people.  Here are highlights on a few.

Through coordinations with the Make a Wish Foundation, we had the privilege of transporting Graycie Bushhead, age 12,  home for her final Christmas with her family.  What an honor it was to meet Graycie, her family, and the leaders of the local Indian reservation.  Our hearts have been changed forever.  We love you Graycie!

Graycie Bushhead 12202019.PNG

We donated transportation for the incredible Kechi Okwuchi, Americas Got Talent finalist.  What an incredible beautiful young woman she is.  Kechi is one of only two survivors of a plane crash and is fulfilling her dream as a singer and motivational speaker.  We are so inspired by Kechi!  

Kechi Okwuchi Americas Got Talent Amore


Pictured here are the winners to the Kony Country Limo and Lunch contest.  Winners from the Walmart Distribution Center are shown here having waaaay too much fun with DJ's Marty, Amy, and Carl.   



Pictured here are the winners to the Cherry Creek Radio contest featured on Star 98FM.  Winners received our limo transportation, dinner at Hanks, and tickets to Tarzan at Tuacahn Theatre.  Star 98 DJ's Robynne and Matt are pictured here with the winners.      



We support the annual St George Ironman, the St George Marathon, and the Huntsman Senior Games.  We offer motorcycle support to carry coaches, media, judges, etc.   

Congrats athletes!!! 


We donated a 3 hour limo ride for a local raffle.  Wendi Bulkley won limo transportation in our Mercedes Sprinter limo van, dinner at the Pasta Factory, and entrance to the Mystery Room.  Our driver, Neal (right), is pictured here with Wendi and her friends as they began their night of fun.   

Congrats Wendi and friends!!! 



We support the Dixie Fly Girls, an all girls basketball team in St George, UT under the leadership of Coach Anna.  The high energy of the girls was paused just quick enough to snap a pic before we head to their game in Cedar City.  Their sportsmanship and attitude is absolutely fantastic!   




We had the privilege of transporting some of the members of the New Horizons Orchestra (pictured below) from St George, UT to the port in Long Beach, CA.  The New Horizons Orchestra has members all over the United States.  The group from St George, UT was chosen to perform on a Carnival cruise ship.  

We just LOVE these awesome musicians!

Check out their televised performance at the St George Tabernacle here



We support an organization called M.O.V.E.  This organization provides students nationwide with opportunities for education, sports, enrichment, performance, cultural learning and community building that will encourage and strenthen their spirits.  We had the privilege of transporting members of M.O.V.E. to the Las Vegas airport.   

Learn more about MOVE here.

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