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We sincerely want to say thanks soooo much for all the kind words.  We're grateful to be in a position to serve our clients transportation needs.    

Thanks for your continued support!  

The Best!  Everything was 1st rate!

Jay Leno

Beverly Hills, CA

You guys were brilliant!

Boy George of Culture Club

London, England

Really enjoyed Duane, and the ride from McCarran airport was perfect.  Thanks a lot.  Love,  Mike Love

The Beach Boys' Mike Love

San Diego, CA

Very smooth.  Big thanks from Junk Yard Dog!

Jerome Williams (Pistons, Raptors, Bulls, Nicks)

Las Vegas, NV

Every bride should feel like a princess on her wedding day and this certainly did that.  I finally know what Cinderella felt like on the way to the ball!  Thanks for being part of our special day.  

Sonja H

Birkenfeld, Germany

Fun day of filming, great job guys!  

Shawn Bradley (76'ers, Nets, Mavericks)

St George, UT

Amoré provides very professional services.  The drivers are knowledgeable of traffic patterns and rest & food stops.  We will definitely use them again.

Wayne H

Kenny Loggins Tour Mgr

The best transportation to date for our Board Meetings!  

Jennifer F

SkyWest Airlines

Thanks for everything Duane!  You did great!

Mark Miller, lead singer for Sawyer Brown

Really great service!

Filmmaker/Author Dinesh D'Souza and his lovely wife Debbie

Houston, TX

Thanks Duane! You're a true professional. Always great to work with someone such as yourself!!.  

Mark "Sparky" S (Air Supply Tour Manager)

Jackson, MI

You guys REALLY know how to keep an apprehensive girl happy.  My trip to the Las Vegas airport was smooth, quiet, and comfortable.  Thanks again!

Taniya N (TV host of Christmas Light Wars)

Nagpur India

Thanks for adding to the perfection on my wedding day!  

Michael Finley - San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio, TX

Couldn't be more happy with the service.  Thank You Very Much.  

Amir E (drummer for Air Supply)

St Louis, MO

Loved Utah.  Good work guys. 

Dennis Rodman (Pistons, Spurs, Bulls, Lakers, Mavericks)

Bloomfield Hills, MI

The knowledge, warm & friendly commentary, and introduction provided by our driver, Brent, could not be bettered.  I would strongly recommend his services to you.  

John W

London, England

Delightful trip - thank you!

Susan S

McLean, VA

Great!  Professional & attentive without being invasive.  Perfect.   Thanks - Meghan

Meghan M

Washington DC

Friendly, courteous.  Nice vehicle.  Thank You!! 

Stacey C

Philadelphia, PA

Lovely ride; great car - nothing to suggest really.  

Zack H

New York, NY

You guys were so awesome to work with!  Thank you!!!


Sarah W

SkyWest Airlines

Excellent everything.  

Adelia V


Perfect.  Thank You!

Julia G

Geneve, Switzerland

The ride back to the airport was extremely enjoyable due to the driver's friendliness and great conversation.  I would recommend this company to anyone.  

Kristeen B

Cincinnati, OH

Prompt service.  Very pleasant.  

James R

Marine City, MI

Thank you for everything!  Ya'll were amazing!

Kadee M

Baton Rouge, LA

It was great!  Very Professional!

Kelly A

Raleigh, NC

Randy provided great service with a smile!  He was very kind and gave us some info about things as we passed them.  Great ride!

Ernie P


Smooth ride!

Troy S (sound man for Air Supply band)

Denver, CO

Lovely cars; nice service & professional.

Pauline W

Fremont, CA

What a great ride!  :)


Amanda C

Olney, MD

Very kind!  Lots of helpful information!  Driver + Tour Guide!  :)

Karissa H

Allentown, PA

Conversation was so awesome.  The friendliest drivers I've encountered in a very long time.  Even stopped when "nature called."  :)

Matthew R

New York, NY

The most accommodating car service I've ever used.  These guys were unvelievable, hospitable, + welcomed us to our destination with a wealth of knowledge about St George, a place we'd never been!  THEY ROCK!

Jeff S

Bauline, Newfoundland, CAN

I got transfered from Vegas to Amangiri with Duane.  Almost 5 hour trip felt like 2 hours.  Great service, great conversation, nice music selection.  And we got to stop @ Starbucks to get drinks.  Thanks Amoré for providing such a wonderful service for me.  

Victoria X

New York, NY


David D


Randy was incredibly insightful and helped give a feel of the area.  He also was very kind and joined in on our conversations!

Daniel G

Jackson, NJ

Randy was a great help.  Smooth ride!

Brian C


Great service!  I really enjoyed the ride!  Thanks

Hannah R

New York, New York

Service was great!  Duane is very professional and accommodating.  He is also a great person to speak with.  Very comfortable ride, thank you!!  :)

Monique H

Brooklyn, NY

Everything was great.  Excellent service!  :)

Kelly C

Orlando, FL

The transportation is 100% satisfactory, on time, professional, safe driving and helpful.  Highly recommend.  Thank You.  

Patrice K

Haynesville, LA

Everything was Great!  Keep up the Good Work.  

Gregory K

Haynesville, LA

Duane and Amoré Transport was wonderful.  He kept the whole group happy.  

Cyla C

St George, UT

Very friendly and considerate.  Very much appreciated the bottled water and bathroom breaks.  Would definitely ride with Randy again.  

Christian L

Astoria, NY

We will forever recommend Amoré to everybody!

Sharon R

St George, UT

Friendly service & always on time.  Thank you.  Aaron  

Aaron D

St George, UT

Great service, clean car, needs alcohol drinks.

Forrest V

Washington, UT

Fantastic job!  Duane Staley did a terrific job and ride to airport was perfect.  

Charles R

Washington, DC

Very nice, prompt, vehicle was spotless.  Very good overall experience.  

Greg S

Atlanta, GA

Very pleasant.  Nice to have a service like this, especially so early in the morning!

Jennifer S


Professional, clean, comfortable, punctual.  All in all great service.  No suggestions on room for improvement.

Richard K

Baltimore, MD

Great service.  Clean car, safe driver, Neal was nice and personable.  :)

Kisha D

Park City, UT

The transportation was awesome.  The driver was so attentive & nice & polite.  

Darcee C

St George, UT

Awesome service!

Chandler M

St George, UT

The ride is great.  The driver is courteous and nice!

Jeff G

St George, UT

Duane is by far the best driver!  He was so patient with us, and was more than accommodating.  I will most definitely be referring him to others.  

Sabrina H

St George, UT

Thank you so much.  You did a great job.  Nothing I would do different.  Thanks a ton.  Great job.  

Austin R

St George, UT

Randy was wonderful, friendly, helpful, and an excellent driver.  

Em G

New York, NY

Great Experience - Duane was perfect.  Made the trip easy after a long travel day from NYC.

Rod R


Good ride, nice conversationalist, nothing bad.  Good driver.  

Joe P

Salt Lake City, UT

WONDERFUL ride!  Good chatting, learned about the area.  All around GREAT customer service!

Maria P

New York

Excellent service!  Clean car, nice driver.  Everything was perfect.  Very prompt and courteous.  

Rhonda A

Salt Lake City, UT

Wonderful service, comfortable, friendly, perfect customer service!

Jill I.

Northampton, MA

Randy, you are so kind!  Thank you for taking such good care of us on our long journey!

Sarah P


Duane is great.  Easy conversations.  Accommodating ride w/ great music & beverages.  

Joshua C.

Denver, CO

The service was excellent, comfortable, and easy.  Duane was wonderful.  

Francesca C

Boulder, CO

Great ride.  Very professional.  Thank You.  

Mary Ellen C.

Newtown, PA

Great way to start the morning - driver very attentive to meet our needs, very accommodating, friendly.  Excellent first impression for the company.  Thank you!

Toni H.

Albuquerque, NM

Pleasant & comfortable, especially for our early morning drive.  

Lee S

Albuquerque, NM

Comfortable, efficient, pleasant.  Thanks!

Kari Y

Albuquerque, NM

Great Friendly Service!  And Professional!

Roy J

Houston, TX

Very comfortable ride.  Enjoyed the quiet music.  Now my favorite way to get to the airport.  No negative feedback, it was perfect!

Megan P

St George, UT

Delightful!  Lovely car!  Felt spoiled!  

Patti H

St George, UT

My granddaughter & I thoroughly enjoyed our trip!  We felt safe at all times and more comfortable than with other shuttle companies.  Our driver was fun and taught us area history, but let us sleep when we were tired.  Will difinitely use this service again.  Beautiful & extremely clean vehicle, also!

Sharon B

Cheyenne, WY

Comfortable!  Relaxing!  Fun!  Best way to travel!  We will definitely use again!  and again!  

Teri H.

St George, UT

Randy was helpful and generous.  It was a smooth ride.  

Nicole A

New York, NY

Very efficient driver, warm caring attitude, and makes every trip an experience.  

Jane M

St George, UT

Great experience.  Randy was very friendly & professional.  Would use this service again!

Gene & Linda B

St George, UT

Everything was perfect; the driver, the car, everything.

Juan M

Mexico City

The drive was safe, comfortable, and the car was perfect.  So definitely I will use the company again.  Thanks.  

Paola M

Mexico City

Very safe driver!  Would hire again.  Smooth driving.  On time pickup and dropoff.  Very courteous!

Danielle M

Pasadena, CA

Great trip to the airport.  Duane was fabulous!

Catherine J.

Raleigh, NC

Very friendly service!  Convenient & comfortable.  

Katie H.

Horicon, WI

Everything was great.

Kathryn M

Mesquite, NV

It was excellent, the driver was very nice, courteous.  Love the water & mints.  

Robynne B

St George, UT

Great service!  On time & very pleasant.  

Jessica S.

Washington, DC

Wonderful experience.  Very informative and kind.  Highly recommend.  :)

Cindy T.

Chesapeake, VA

Excellent car service.  Clean, friendly, & professional.  Thank you. 

Deb S.

Columbia, MO

Excellent professional service with personalized touch.  

Min-Sun T.

Bonita Springs, FL

Duane did an excellent job!  Timely, friendly, and informative.  Thank you!

Sharon M.

Boulder, CO

Duane was so personable and attentive.  What a fun ride!

Sherri G

Denver, CO

It was so awesome!  Thank you so much!

Amber K

St George, UT

Pleasant, easy drive.  Most comfortable, no complaints.  

Cathryn G

Ft Myers, FL

Very smooth ride.  Exquisite care.  I would hire it again.  I will recommend it.  

Carlos C.

Miami, FL

Duane did a fantastic job.  Safe & courteous driving.  Very comfortable van!  The only way to see the Parade of Homes!  Highly recommend!

John & Stephanie H

Washington, UT

Very friendly and accommodating driver!  Very enjoyable experience!

Mike H.

St George, UT

Unparalleled service.  Duane was receptive to our groups' needs and extremely accommodating.  Will definitely book again.  

Violet G.

Ivins, UT

Awesome service!  Very comfortable & professional.  

Aaron & DeAnn T

Newport, CA

Great service and ride to Red Mountain Resort! 

Michael S.

Reno, NV

Wonderful, prompt, friendly services! 

Carla P.

South St Paul, MN

Great service.  Very pleased.  It was kind of Duane to come & get me so early.  

Barbara J.

Chicago, IL

Fabulous experience = Duane.

Would love to have Duane transport me wherever and whenever I travel.  

Dr. Phil S.

Omaha, NE

Wonderful!  Comfortable.  We loved hearing about some of the people you have transported.  

Matt W

St George, UT

Would recommend him to everyone!!!  Most awesome trip we had...

Thank you!!!

Mila T

New Harmony, UT

I feel so special and loved today.  Amazing trip, a very nice car, and an awesome driver.  

Evelyn F.

St George, UT

Duane treated us like princesses.  He's not just a driver, but he acts like one of us.  The trip was really fun and comfortable.  Highly recommended!!!

Princess P.

St George, UT

Been a very fun experience.  Ride is very comfortable and Duane is very attentive.  Provided us with waters and candy.  Always asking us where we want to go.  Highly recommended to take this on a group outing and just enjoy the ride -

Annie H.

St George, UT

Duane was exceptional, professional, and courteous.  He went above and beyond to make our experience fun, comfortable, and personal.  A great example of professionalism.  

Garrett M

St George, UT

Duane is really nice, charming, and also the best driver that I encountered in my entire life.  Don't tell my husband :)  He is very professional and we never had any dull moment with him.  We felt very safe and comfortable the whole trip.  His van is very awesome, making us feel like we're celebrities.  He is very higly recommended.  Will use his service again next time.  Thanks Duane!

Laida M

St George, UT

I had a good time with some of my friends to go to Las Vegas.  The van was very nice and we had a nice driver.  We are hoping to do it again.  Thanks Duane


St George, UT

The Mercedes van we used today is really cool and Duane is a really nice guy.  The best trip ever.  

Josephine M.

St George, UT

Duane is very nice.  He is a very fun driver.  Higly recommended!!!  Thank you for a safe & fun trip.  

Des G.

St George, UT

We are so thankful for all the love and support we receive from Mr. Staley and Amore Transport. Our community service tour wouldn't be possible without them!

Nicole J.

New York, NY

Absolutely fantastic.  Driver was courteous and attentive.  The car was impeccably clean.  And the classical music I requested was spot on.  

David A.

Montreal, CAN

My flight into St George was delayed 90 minutes, driver waited for me.  What a welcome sight!  I always request these guys.

Louise A.

Tampa, FL

I used Amoré Transport to take my golf buddies to Salt Lake City.  LOVE the limo van!!!  Very cool.  

Kent S.

St George, UT

Duane is very good to us.  We had a girls day out and he drove us all day.  He is an excellent driver.  I will recommend him to anyone.  

Cristina Z

St George, UT

In the entertainment industry, I rely on safe people to help me get to where I'm going on time.  Nice car.  You guys were A++

Tricia H.

Manhattan, NY

Thanks for getting me to my friends wedding on time.  You guys really take care of people.  


Cedar City, UT

Thank you for making my daughters Quinceanera a wonderful time.  She was so happy!  I feel like you are part of our family.

Jose R.

Washington, UT

I used to use another company for my transportation needs.  Now that I've found you guys, I'm much happier.  And I feel a lot safer, too!

Margaret T.

Ivins, UT

The book signing was a success!  Thanks for being patient with me as our day changed.  See you in May.  

David F.

Seattle, WA

You guys are so sweet.  I wish I received that kind of treatment from ALL companies!  I felt like royalty or something.  See you in February.  

Kathleen C.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you for taking excellent care of my bicycle.

Hans J.

Perth, Australia

I travel several times a month.  The guys at Amoré are so professional, I use them all the time.  


St George, UT

Duane is so attentive and anticipates how to make my journey pleasant.  I'm so spoiled by their high level of service, I'm a client forever!

Mrs Knight

Chevy Chase, MD

Great service & a perfect vehicle for our family of 5.  

Edie R

Austin, TX

Excellent service, informative, pleasant driver.  Would use again.  

Christine L

St Louis, MO

Randy was very professional, good communication.  I appreciated the personable staff.  Clean Vehicle, all good.  Thanks.

Jeff H

St Paul, MN

Very nice, clean, prompt, friendly!  Others should always use this car service!

Kathleen C

Boise, ID

Great!  Driver knew loads about the area & very friendly.  

Nicole W

Toronto, ON, Canada

Very pleasant - nice to have a service like this, especially so early in the morning!

Jennifer S

Atlanta, GA

The transportation was awesome.  The driver was so attentive & nice & polite.  

Darcee C

St George, UT

Our driver, Duane is so good and nice.  He's so patient, caring and we are all well served.  We're so happy and enjoyed his company as our driver.  So long Duane, you're such a nice person & good-looking guy too.  Keep up the good job.  Thank You!!

Linda W.


Awesome Service!

Chandler M

St George, UT

Great!  Professional & attentive without being invasive.  Perfect.  Thanks!  Meghan

Meghan M

Washington DC

The ride is great.  The driver is courteous and nice!

Jeff G

St George, UT

It was great!  Very professional!

Kelly A

Raleigh, NC

Neal was a pleasure!  Thank you :)

Allison G

Radnor, PA

Everything was great.  Excellent Service! :)

Kelly C

Orlando, FL

Everything was Great!  Keep up the good work.

Gregory K

Haynesville, LA

Great experience.  Randy was very friendly & professional.  Would use this service again!

Gene & Linda B

St George, UT

Great way to start the morning - driver very attentive to meet our needs, very accommodating, friendly.  Excellent first impression for the company.  Thank you!

Toni H

Albuquerque, NM

Excellent car service.  Clean, friendly, & professional.  Thank you Duane.

Deb S

Columbia, MO

Duane was so personable and attentive.  What a fun ride!

Sherri G

Denver, CO